Renal Biopsy Diagnosis

Whenever kidneys malfunction, when there is leakage of protein, blood in urine with increase in blood creatinine, there is an urgent need to diagnose the cause & treat appropriately.

Although blood & urine investigations can help to diagnose, kidney biopsy is mandatory for more reasons than one. It helps to identify the cause, it also provides important information about future prognosis. In a few cases, the effect of treatment can be monitored with the help of kidney biopsy.

Contrary to the popular belief, kidney biopsy is a very simple daycare procedure. Its done by a Nephrologist under ultrasound guidance in a procedure room, with local anesthesia as a day care procedure. There is no hassle of operation theatre or general anesthesia. Procedure is simple, painless & largely uncomplicated. A small bit of tissue is taken from left kidney usually.

There is no need for fasting. Patients need to be in rest only for few hours & can start moving from next day. Kidney biopsy is a simple procedure which gives a lot of information about the cause of kidney disease, response to treatment & future outcome. Response to treatment & decision to stop certain medications are also based on repeat biopsy at times.

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