Kidney Transplantation

Kidney Transplant Surgery

When kidneys fail beyond a certain level, excess toxins and water accumulate in the body, advancing the symptoms and signs.

When kidneys can no longer perform their functions, we depend on dialysis or Kidney Transplantation Treatment for survival. It provides a very good quality of life compared to dialysis over the long term.

One kidney is donated for transplantation, and the kidney donor can be related to or from a cadaveric donor. In Coimbatore, people who opted for a cadaveric donor are shared with valuable information and guidelines through the program organized by the authority board and other NGOs.

At our Kidney Hospital in Coimbatore, our team of specialists follows pre-procedures that involve a series of tests to ensure the donor is deemed fit for donation before being subjected to Kidney Transplant Surgery. One kidney is sufficient for normal living without any superimposed problems like diabetes. An organized Kidney Transplant program educates the donors and recipients about the expected outcome after the surgical procedure.

Kidney Transplantation is a successful nephrology treatment procedure with a success rate of 95%. After a few weeks of rest, the recipient can continue normal activities with few restrictions. The successful procedure provides an excellent quality of life and the freedom to eat and drink normally and be as normal as possible.

Blood group mismatch is no longer a hindrance to transplantation, as pre-transplant antibodies can be removed and successful transplantation can be done. Transplantation can also be done without being on regular dialysis, called preemptive renal transplantation.

It's time all unfounded fears about transplantation were put to rest, and eligible recipients with fit donors should opt for Renal Transplantation.

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