Kidney Failure Diagnosis

Kidneys work tirelessly around the clock to clean the blood of impurities and maintain normal water and acid-base balance.

Besides, it also plays a role in hemoglobin production and vitamin D activation, amongst many other activities. Any disturbance in the function of the kidneys will disturb all these functions as the dysfunction worsens, which leads to Kidney Failure.

No visible disturbance will be seen or felt in the early days. Still, as Chronic Kidney Disease worsens, one may develop swelling of the legs, tiredness, reduced urine output, reduced appetite, nausea, vomiting, and weight loss. Lots of skin changes also develop as the stage advances. Eventually, affected individuals depend on dialysis for survival and need transplantation for a better quality of life.

A few cases of kidney failure, called Acute kidney injury, are reversible once the cause is corrected and they can be cured. Even if dialysis is needed, it's only for a short time until the kidneys recover.

Worldwide, the most common causes of Kidney Failure leading to dialysis and transplantation are diabetes mellitus and hypertension. The best way to prevent kidney failure is proper attention and treatment of diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, lifestyle changes like weight management, salt reductions, and avoiding unnecessary and over-the-counter medications. Good control of sugars in the initial stages goes a long way toward preventing Kidney Failure.

Kidney Diagnosis involves the basic investigations of blood and urine. A proper follow-up at regular intervals is needed. With a solid team of nephrology specialists, we provide the best Kidney Disease Treatment in Coimbatore, which aids people in efficient recovery. Our treatment includes medications and recommendations that stabilize and prevent further progression of the renal disease.

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