Swelling of feet or Body

Swelling of Feet & Ankles Diagnosis

Normally 60% of our body weight is made of water. Thirst is an important stimuli for water intake, while water loss happens through sweat, breathing or as urine where it helps remove waste products.

Majority (>95%) of water excretion happens through kidneys as urine. As a result one of the most predominant symptom of kidney failure is leg swelling.

Excess water accumulation leading to swelling of legs, abdomen, face leading to breathlessness can happen in kidney failure, liver failure or heart failure. In kidneys, swelling can occur with kidney failure or excess protein leaking in urine.

In case of kidney related issues, swelling can be sudden onset or slowly increasing. Swelling starts in the legs, its seen more after prolonged standing or sitting & towards the evening, swelling disappears on lying & minimal or no swelling is seen after sleep in the morning. If unattended, swelling progresses to thighs, abdomen & face. Face swelling in more pronounced in the morning. One can also have urinary abnormalities like frothy urine, decreased urine or blood in urine.

As soon as swelling is noted, one should get urine & blood examined, identify the cause & get treated. Worldwide the most common cause of kidney failure is Diabetes mellitus, anyone with diabetes should get blood & urine checked at periodic intervals.

Swelling of legs, face is an early symptom of kidney ailment, if properly attended & treated, worse consequences & kidney failure can be prevented in long term.

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