Kidney Treatment in Coimbatore
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Kidney Failure

Kidneys work tirelessly round the clock to clean the blood of impurities

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Kidney Biopsy

Whenever kidneys malfunction, when there is leakage of protein

Urinary Tract Infections Icon

Urinary Tract Infections

Any infection/inflammation of urinary tract can involve urinary bladder and/or kidneys

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Function of the kidneys are to remove waste products from blood & maintain adequate water balance in the body.

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Kidney Stones

Kidney stones or Nephrolithiasis is a metabolic problem.

Diabetic Kidney Disease Icon

Diabetic Kidney Disease

With increasing incidence & prevalence of Diabetes mellitus, with increasing duration of disease

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Kidney Transplantation

When kidneys fail beyond certain level, excess toxins & water accumulate in the body that leads to lot of symptoms & signs.

Swelling of feet or Body Icon

Swelling of feet or Body

Normally 60% of our body weight is made of water. Thirst is an important stimuli for water intake

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Dr Madhu Shankar Gunasekaran Nephrologist

Dr. Madhu Shankar Gunasekaran

Consultant Nephrologist, Renal transplant physician and hypertension specialist

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